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Use Permissions

Now that the user granted you some permissions and you are connected to a bundler you may want to use them.
const result = await
contractAddress, // the contract you want to interact with, the `to` field in the permission
value, // the value you want to send (in wei)
calldata // the calldata encoded in the permisive format

How to encode the calldata?

Because ABI is fixed typed and we needed dynamic for permissive we’ve replaced it with the RLP format. So the calldata is a little bit different. The first 4 bytes are the function selector and then is followed by the RLP encoded array of abi-encoded arguments. So each element of the array is 32 bytes.
abi_encoded = abi.encode(arg1, arg2, ..., argn)
calldata = selector + RLP.encode([abi_encoded.split_every_32_bytes()])


The result of the call can vary either the Permissive error object:
"error": "Max usage hitted"

Bundler JSON-RPC errors

Useroperation receipt