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Permissive module for Safe

The Permissive module for Safe is available on Testnets (currently: Goerli, Base Goerli). Here are the few steps to enable the Permissive x Safe interactions:
Create a Safe on the previously mentionned testnets.

Add Permissive as a Safe App

Go on the App page
Click on the "My custom app" tabs
Enter the permissive url: and validate. You can then enter the app.
Be careful: this way of adding Safe apps should only be done on testnets or if you are sure of what you are doing. Only trust the default apps Safe supports when your funds are engaged.
To create a Permissive module your safe will need to have at least 0.01 ETH (on the test network) Goerli Faucet: Base Goerli Faucet:
You can now create a Permissive module on the account page from the Safe App. Enjoy!
If you encounter any bugs, please send us a message on Discord so we can solve your problem.