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The Permissive module can be integrated into other smart accounts such as Zerodev, Safe, Candide, Biconomy, and more (see Integrations). As described in the ERC-4337 standard, an userOperation has to pass through the validation and the execution phase. This is why we have two contracts, one in charge of the validation PermissionVerifier and one in charge of the execution PermissionExecutor. The module uses a library called AllowanceCalldata to verify that the call is allowed by the permission. Since Permissive imposes a fee of 20% on gas fees, the FeeManager contract is responsible for managing and distributing the fee rate between the recipient and the manager. Permissive consists of four main contracts:
  • PermissionRegistry: where we store all the account addresses and permissions
  • PermissionVerifier: checks if the call is matching permission's rules
  • PermissionExecutor: where the call is executed after validation
  • FeeManager: manages the Permissive's fees


Permissive offers multiple existing and upcoming products to enhance the user and developer experience with the Permissive protocol. Firstly, Permissive provides a web app that allows users to access Permissive features and manage their Permissive account, even if their wallet does not natively support it. For developers, we offer a TypeScript/JavaScript SDK that can be used both on the frontend for permission granting, account creation, and management, and on the backend to help dApps create and send Permissive transactions easily (read more here). Additionally, we provide an API to manage permission sets, access historical data from the Protocol and accounts, and provide a web2 developer experience. We will also be providing UI components, including a Metamask Snap and an UI Kit, for integration into wallets or dashboards.


Permissive is already available on the most popular smart accounts:
  • Safe
  • Zerodev
  • Biconomy
  • Candide Wallet
  • Patch Wallet
  • ERC-6900 compatible
  • Soul Wallet (coming soon)
  • Blocto (coming soon)